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Certification of environmental report signs

Gochang Ecotour mulberry silkworm Experience, Botanic expedition where city meets nature green journey received the certificate of Article 20, Paragraph 3 of the Environmental product declaration and it's contributing to greenhouse gas reduction and climate change response programs.

Botanic expedition where city meets nature

Global Network


Engaging Communities, Empowering
People, Inspiring Lasting Change

The International Ecotourism Society is a non-profit industry association, with members from over 135 countries, promoting responsible tourism practices that benefit conservation and communities. Founded in 1990, TIES has been on the forefront of the development of ecotourism, providing guidelines and standards, training, technical assistance, and educational resources.

Engage. Through a global network of members, TIES engages and connects communities, providing quality networking and professional development opportunities.

Empower. Sharing knowledge and resources to empower stakeholders, TIES offers education and capacity building tools for professionals and communities.

Inspire. TIES works to mainstream sustainability in tourism by driving lasting change in the industry, uniting conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

Ecotourism is a viable tool for conservation, protection of bio-
cultural diversity, and sustainable community development.


Offering market-linked long-term solutions, ecotourism provides effective economic incentives for conserving and enhancing bio-cultural diversity and helps protect the natural and cultural heritage of our beautiful planet.


By increasing local capacity building and employment opportunities, ecotourism is an effective vehicle for empowering local communities around the world to fight against poverty and to achieve sustainable development.


With an emphasis on enriching personal experiences and environmental awareness through interpretation, ecotourism promotes greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture.


Representing various industry segments and
fields of expertise, TIES’ global network of
organizations and professionals offers an
effective way to remain current in ecotourism
and sustainable tourism, and an opportunity
to play a role in shaping the future of tourism.

+ Tour Operators

Take advantage of marketing, partnership-building, and professional development opportunities for in-bound and out-bound operators - from local to international, from grassroots to global.

+ Accommodations

Spread the word about the sustainability efforts and ecotourism opportunities at your hotel, hostel, lodge, retreat, B&B - a great way to engage your team, guests, and community.

+ Service Providers

Grow your market through business-to-business connections and networking opportunities! Increase your visibility among industry leaders and decision-makers from around the world.

+ Destinations

Strengthen your outreach, networking and marketing efforts through TIES' global community, and help further your mission supporting conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

Sustainable Tourism Training Program


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